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Tanka - The Ballistic Blaster

For his final mission against Kaos's awesome metallicons, Cosmo must face Tanka. Will the young Earthling be able to defeat the Invader and save the galaxy? Join Cosmo, Nuri and Brain-E on another whirlwind adventure through space...

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Explore the first FIVE books in the DOOM VORTEX series plus the NEW bumper edition of books one and two!

Attention, all Earthlings!

My name is G1 and I am chief of the Galaxy’s security force, G-Watch. I bring you grave news. It is the year 2121, and our planets are under attack from the Outlaw KAOS. He is beaming five Alien Invaders into the galaxy, commanding them to destroy it. If they succeed, this will be the end of us all.

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